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Life's Mystery unraveled!

Read one of my #successful #SoulBiz #bestseller book contributions!

Care to know how you too can successfully walk your Purpose?

Hello World!

Happy Birth-Day! You’ve been given a body, a brain, a great voice, and gifted hands: “Hello World!”

Whether age, origin or achievement, today’s life-hack seems to be: “What is my purpose”?

How do I combine expectations in life or business with my soulful individual needs? How do I maneuver this emotional, fleshy vehicle? How do I keep it happy and serviced? Show me the manual!

Life's Mystery unraveled | Turning Purpose into Success #claudiagoetschi
Life's Mystery unraveled | Turning Purpose into Success #claudiagoetschi

Lern to undo most of what you've learned!

Life-long civilizational conditioning for survival and safety have long replaced pleasure and contentment. Most of the economy is driven by performance, reward, or punishment.

I ask you to look at where your discontent started. Then roll it back up like a carpet by replacing each discontent (problem, pain) with a feeling or thought more suitable to your personal (or business) needs.

No matter how grand or mediocre, everyone’s born with a set of skills. YOU, give someone or something out there the meaning they seek/it needs.

Still your mind’s million reasons why it can’t be. 90% of my clients initially think money, age or time hold them back. After creating their “Purpose Map”, we discover a true solution for every desire, which puts you back on track!

Your Personal Software

You came into this world to share Love. With a body directed by emotions – not an easy task! But manageable! The hard- and software you came into this world with, includes everything you’ll ever need to know and more.

  • The software contains personal awareness and options.

  • The “more” lies in the creative desire you develop and strengthen with time.

  • Success is between your own will, and how much effort you are ready to invest in yourself, rather than in your outside circle of influence!

"The gift to earnestly recognize one’s talents immediately, isn’t easy, but learnable!” - Claudia Goetschi

And here's the key to successfully Living your Purpose:

Start cultivating what brings you Joy. Do for others, pay it forward; but only if you treat yourself equally well! This balance is what turns every Life-hack into Success worth living! That is the meaning of walking your purpose! Let me show you the way!

Text © Claudia Götschi #claudiagoetschi @bestaskclaudia

Image © Canva

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