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When Change is in your Face!

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Care to know how you too can successfully set your intentions and reach any goal?

The grand Make-over

It wasn’t the first time I forgot that I had asked my guides for a make-over. Except, that one time a few years ago, it “boomeranged”. My normal stomping grounds felt no longer appealing. I even contemplated returning to my native country. But I kept putting it off. Having lived half of my life in the U.S., it wasn’t like simply rearranging my furniture. Obviously, the Universe disagreed thinking She braved it 20 years earlier, she can do it again!

When Life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade! #claudiagoetschi
When Change is in your Face! #claudiagoetschi #365SoulfulBizAdvice

Within a month, everything “gradually” fell apart. First, my closest friends moved to different States. My Love-relationship reached came to an end. My client base dwindled in front of my eyes. The red flag couldn’t be clearer: No recurring orders, no new clients in exchange. A bleak page of “hello universe, what’s up?”.

"Hello universe, what’s up?"

A tempting lesson

But after a few hurt feelings and treading water, I got it. I reviewed everything: I’m no longer bound to relationships or contracts. Even a tempting lesson was included: A great business opportunity out West. Everything my old “moi” would have ever wanted. But I had changed! It no longer fulfilled the new me. I decided to stop repackaging the old into something new. It gave me greater satisfaction to know the impact I would make, sharing my knowledge, wisdom, and experience I gained in the “new” country, with the old. Add the bonus “Living closer to my family again", sold.

"The moment you decide, you will be moved!"

The moment I decided, I was (being) moved!

The purple pony car

In less than 2 months, I sold everything I've ever owned. Including my beloved Purple Mustang. I returned to Switzerland with two suitcases. That’s how I started as a young girl wanting to explore the world.

If I could do it, so can you start something new! Set your intentions then trust the universe will orchestrate the rest, faster and better!

"Be the 2% who allow themselves a new chance because they feel worth it!” - Claudia Goetschi

Yes, I had to rebuild. But today, I am a Success Coach, doing what I love: Helping people like You, to turn purpose into success!

Contact me, if you're contemplating a change of direction, are in the middle or stuck in a life-hack! I'm glad to help!

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