Creative Endeavors

Have you ever thought about what to do with your beautiful photographs or paintings?

Check out my new creative, Collaborative Endeavors Plattform!


It's my passion to bring you and the rest of humanity back to the ancient and marvellous wonders of Nature!

There is instant healing in visiting woods and connecting to water or other beautiful landscapes.

I try to honor the work of our ancient earth spirits, by capturing their true essence through the lens of my camera.

Along with creative texts, I try to share their story or their message. Because, "Answers are everywhere"! And I will show you how to tap into them. Remember, we are all One.


In order to reach a greater audience, I've decided to launch a print-on-demand platform.

You are welcome to be a part of it! No more excuses, hiding your art in a corner or wait for more site-traffic. No more going it alone.

You will be able to feature 5-10 of your best-selling digital creative designs. I'll only ask a minimal fee to cover (only a small part) of the technical, administrative or marketing support to feature your work on various well-known selling platforms and social media.

Tell me about your potential top-sellers!


A win-win, and we can both go about our business, while letting the suppliers do the administrative work. Note, I only work with climate-friendly suppliers. Write me, or check out for more inspiration.


Looking forward to having you onboard.

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And here's another one of my featured projects:

Image_SoulBiz_Collaborative Book.jpg

I'm excited to announce a Collaborative Book project with Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, bestseller authors of several soulful advice and life stories books.

Launching my own book and printable products later this year, I thought it a splendid idea to join them with three of my own articles. All participating authors are Soulful life and business experts, who have found solutions to life-hacks, and gladly share them with you and other soulful business entrepreneurs. Check out my Blog for a preview of my contributing articles!


Stay tuned for the book launch in June 2022!

To book my Success Coachings, please visit my Shop for Success.

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